Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Baskets from Hell

I went to a native American museum this weekend with my wife. The place was huge and it contained one small display of beads & pottery, and 19 rooms full of fricken baskets.

Baskets they used to haul fish.
Baskets they used to haul wood.
Baskets they used to haul pottery and beads.
Baskets they used to haul basket making supplies.

Holy Crap! The curator of this place has got a unhealthy and unnatural attraction to baskets.......basket lovin FREAK!

What's worse is after seeing 17 of the 19 shrines to baskets my wife tells me to "SHUT UP ABOUT THE BASKETS ALREADY!!" and drags me along to see every last one. I can only assume that the natives of this country had more to do with there lives than weave crap all day but you can't tell it from that place.
BITE ME!! I need a basket of beer!!!!!


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