Sunday, July 31, 2005

Flat Beer and Cheetos

O.K. after thinking about it the Oregon Brewers Festival post was not funny. It was more of a bitch session. Sorry. That's what happens to me when I spend a day drinking flat beer.

There was allot of funny shit to see however.

I saw a fat GUY in a tube top.

I saw an obnoxious S.O.B. smoking a cigar that smelled like a burning goat touch the cherry of the cigar to his new expensive Razor cell phone screen and ruin it :)

I saw another guy that had to be 80, get turned away from buying beer because his drivers license was expired.

Watched a couple try to smuggle a costco size bag bag of Cheetos into the park. ( Seriously ....... what kind of asshole loves Cheetos so much he needs to smuggle a bag that big in ???? He looked like Igor in Young Frankenstein. .... By the way .... outside food was allowed which made it fu*king hilarious.


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