Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Interesting Things From Vacation

Discovered that there is at least one women in the world that might actually kill another person she thought might be cutting in line for "Peter Pan"

Discovered that if you go to Disneyland on it's 50th birthday when they give out 80,000 pairs of shiny gold mouse ears and squint your eyes a little it looks like a planet of C-3PO's rioting in the streets.

Thought about drop kicking a kid into the "Rivers of America".

Changed my mind and wanted to drop kick the FU*@ing parents instead.

Decided to blatantly rip off the "Casual Friday" format.

Felt guilty about it.

Got Over It.

Paid $6.00 for A beer.

Figuring that when I drink one beer I piss out a six pack ...... The restaurant owes me 30 bucks.

Got uncomfortable on the plane ride home because there were quite a few people still wearing gold ears...... and no one seemed to notice.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

fuck casual friday - that guy sucks - your way funnier

10:53 PM  
Blogger jazz said...

um. those gold ears freak me out. generally, disnyworld doesn't agree with me too much. too many happy families and bonding and freakish wholesomeness...i'm so not about that...

4:44 AM  

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