Sunday, July 31, 2005

Oregon Brewers Festival, You Sons A Bitches!!!!

This years Oregon Brewers Festival was a complete mess.
The whole Idea of the damn festival is to try different beers from Oregon and beyond. In the past you could by a 4 oz taster for a buck OR a full 10 oz mug for 4 bucks.
SO .... in the past I've headed down to the waterfront with my father........ we buy the required plastic tasting mug ( 2 each so we can go stand in two different lines, get two tasters sit at the table and compare the beers).

This year some brain surgeon has decided you can either buy one 10 oz mug or one 4 oz taster ..... but not two tasters!!!!!
So it's o.k. to power down 10 oz at a time but not o.k. to sip 8 oz !!!???!!!

On top of THAT they brought out these little 4 oz plastic cups (like a restaurant would use for salad dressing to go) and fill it from a pitcher then pour the nice foamy/flat/warm beer into your shitty little tasting mug!!!! The beer has now been transfered into 3 different vessels. HOLY SHIT if I did not want to know what the beer tasted like I would have stayed home!!

I am in know way against quaffing large quantities of beer. But I can to that in an air conditioned pub and pay a hell of allot less than 6.40 a pint!!!

Brainless Assholes!!!

Sorry I have not posted lately ....... I've been standing in line for flat beer.


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