Friday, August 05, 2005

Robert Blake and O.J. to hit the Links?

Ok I read today that Robert Blake’s first wife, Sondra Kerr Blake said under oath that Blake had put out a contract on her life as well!!! She said she found out from several different people about this!!

So first he is found not guilty ..... using the story ... well yeah somehow she was shot while I ran back to the restaurant to go get my ..... well ....
GUN!. Oh and all those people that said I was trying to hire a killer were, well mistaken ... yeah thats the ticket!
I guess now he can hit the golf courses with O.J. to look for the REAL killer.
Bite Me!!
If I ever decide to go on a crime spree I’ll do it in California where I can’t get convicted. At least in NY Martha has to wear a bracelet to go to yoga class!
By the way Ladies of California ....... try to keep low.


Blogger tattooedcarol said...

I just hope I never pissed off my husband enough to get a contract put out on me. Hell, I might not ever want to get married. hehehe...

9:07 AM  

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